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I lunched alone with my boots without laces and my eyes lost in the window of the restaurant. A glass of wine that always pours a few drops on my coat. Other day a guy came into the restaurant that reminded me of Ivo "Uphill in shopping carts," or maybe he reminded me of my friend Nelson that made the first reading of the text there in the MASP. Just know that I could keep track of your sad walk while trying to choose the table and already looking for a waiter with that look a bit resigned, "Okay, I'll have to wait to be served." Then came an ex-girlfriend in the restaurant, someone who one day I thought I could trust my wounds. My nurse on duty. Someone who would say: "Caution. This side up. It is fragile." I remembered an old song just as she greeted me with a nod.

One way away from accepting my presence in the same place she and Ivo remembered even saying: "Nothing is more embarrassing than the formality between two people who were close one day", just one of his famous

quotes and sayings

He could hear the clone of Ivo saying it to the waiter who came to meet him although he probably was just and formally saying, "I think I'll eat Capeletti the oven and take a glass of wine." I think breakfast could have survived that if the past had not waved to me and disturbed my peace. I guess I wanted her to have me eye "to the will of a dog stuck on a leash." But she just waved me away with an air as might have been thinking a salad or anything like that. So are the characters of Sergio Melo. They can be found in the most prosaic. In a convenience store or a bar with an infamous jukebox that only plays old songs of Neil Sedaka or something.

They live in small houses where the light does not come easily. They hear Chet Baker in the dark and always has a past more or less gloomy. And at some point in their lives, they will have to face that past. And he may not survive.

Some will wield an iron bar and wait for the inevitable. Sergio Melo read Tennessee Williams and Sam Shepard in the eye of a cat that sees the fish being caught from the pan and now lives with intensity between the sub-world races, volleyball matches and caresses the niece cried since what he felt was his secret Grocery Store in San Pedro after having already drunk several. So our friend spoke with affectation Clarinha Averbuck blase: "So what? Deal. Me too." Sergio may have thought not to survive his secret. His characters are also worried by it all the time.

And that night he seemed relieved when driving your car and I was thinking of the men in their secrets, I was thinking about our survival instinct. In the heart of plastic implanted in our chest and forgot to tell that it was fragile. So I'm thinking that I no longer have all those memories. To believe that "the pillow one day snake." I will write my story and Sergio will write to him with the courage & nobility peculiar to it. And he's not the kind of playwright who hides the clues of his personal story in their stories public.They are there. Just be aware.

How did Joe Vincent, for example, just to mention a great Brazilian playwright and closer to us. Sergio Melo is above all a fine poet, one able to hauntingly beautiful as the images stick frying potatoes in the play "Them bones hurt so much in winter." Sergio has no notion of how important it was for me as an actor in this play at the stage of life where I was. But I know he has an accurate idea of the melancholy tenderness that springs & his poetry sad drama disguised as dialogue.

So that guy who plays billiards drinks with me & & talk about books & Raymond Carver is kind of shy when you're sober or when it comes to public speaking & who I had doubts when I read the first text (only when I read the poems of Sergio's I understand the immense talent and all the confusion) became a playwright highly personal. Then do not think you will read these texts and understand all the trouble if at any time not to be confused with the characters, not hear them whispering in their ears carefully "life did not set aside anything wonderful, but I went there and pulled it. "

This is a cold world where "rarely happens a look fondly," but in the writings of Sergius, they insist on burning an almost inexplicable way, then it is possible to believe that a guy who was willing to throw into his head, minutes aftergo to the room to seek a blanket so that the bully does not go cold lying on the couch. Sergio is very generously already understand that there is no passing over our feelings easier. And that makes all the difference.

One of the reasons why I do not monitor series is that they trap. As bad as they are, I'm always wanting to know what will happen. I am a duck, well according to what they want the TV stations. Another reason is that very time, and that is why not rent series on DVD. I do not like to see on the surface, stop rolling while I do other things.I know that many people today do, but I can not, and do not want conseguir.Se can not see them in decent, episode by episode, at the pace that I can, I prefer not to see, and move away from discussions about them .

But wanted to check the first two chapters of Alice, the HBO series is directed by Sergio Machado and Karim Ainouz. Can not say I liked it. Something bothered me there, and I do not know what was said. I found the behavior of the title character half beast. She is a lost, not knowing what they want, wherever you go, who wants to stay. Okay now that all the women in their twenties seem to be so, but seeing that character printed there in an imbecile way bothered me, despite some good moments of actress Andrea Horta (obscure).

It was curious news conference. All were unanimous in highlighting the declaration of love for the city of São Paulo. I do not know, but it seemed half demagogue. St. Paul did not see shining on the screen, as seen in Not By Chance, for example. One thing is certain: you need a very slow process to love a city like this, so chaotic and full of pitfalls. Then came a trip through the head. As difficult as knowing Sao Paulo, is to know the film. In this sense, the characters of Alice will be unfolding similarly to the streets, avenues and squares of the big city, but also to the world of film that a film critic has before.

But only the latter should die without knowing your passion. On the contrary, the more he knows, the more you realize that failure to meet. The film critic is always on the verge of ignorance, and it seems essential to be aware of it. This ignorance seems to save Alice, at first, the failure. I want to see then that the characters are what will unfold if something solid is left or just the feeling that something solid was sought, without success.